Our Product Pricing

Our Product Pricing

Our goal is to price our products responsibly while providing the best possible healthcare for the greatest number of people.

Our Pricing

At Mallinckrodt, we are focused on delivering innovative therapies that can meet the needs of underserved patients suffering from severe and critical conditions. We believe in responsible pricing that reflects the therapy’s value to patients, providers, and the healthcare system as a whole. In line with this and our ability to ensure patient access to our therapies, we will provide advance notification of changes in the pricing of certain Mallinckrodt therapies as part of our Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

These include:

Product Proposed New List Price % Increase in price* Anticipated Effective Date Posted Date Date of Price Increase
Acthar® Gel (repository corticotropin injection) 80 U/mL $42,703 3.0% January 2, 2023 December 21, 2022 January 2, 2023 

Reason for Proposed 2023 Price Increase: Mallinckrodt is increasing the list price of Acthar® Gel by 3% on January 2, 2023.  This price increase is a result of continued product innovation and increased costs incurred by Mallinckrodt to operate the business. This falls below the Consumer Price Index. The last pricing action taken by Mallinckrodt on Acthar was a 4% increase in 2022.  Acthar’s list price is not reflective of significant discounts frequently available to customers.

Acthar Gel® (repository corticotropin injection) 80 U/mL $41,459  4.0% February 1, 2022 January 24, 2022 February 1, 2022
Reason for Proposed 2022 Price Increase: Mallinckrodt is increasing the list price of Acthar® Gel by 4% on February 1, 2022, the first price increase for Acthar in more than two years. Acthar’s list price does not reflect significant discounts often available to customers. This increase is the result of increased costs and other financial commitments of the company, including the recent launch of a new biologic therapy to treat adults with deep partial-thickness burns and the potential launch of another therapy later this year. Since owning Acthar, Mallinckrodt has invested more than $650 million to modernize and validate Acthar for use with appropriate patients through further studies that evaluated the safety and efficacy of Acthar within our indications and modernizing the analytical testing and manufacturing processes. The last pricing action taken by Mallinckrodt on Acthar was a 2.5% increase in 2019.

Corporate Transparency

As part of our transparency responsibilities, Mallinckrodt is committed to sharing executive officer compensation. Click here for the most recent proxy statement for information about MNK executive officer compensation.  Click here for an amendment to the 2022 proxy statement under the heading “Compensation of Executive Officers – Our Named Executive Officers” on page 23.